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Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

Women deserve better.

Your mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, grandmothers, granddaughters, wives, partners, friends, colleagues, lovers all deserve BETTER.

One woman dies every 8 hours from Ovarian Cancer. When funding into ovarian cancer is neglected, women die. It’s as simple as that. There is NO early detection for this cancer.

Early stages have no obvious symptoms, resulting in most women being diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. Pap smears do not detect. Only 29% of these women will survive and for these women, there’s a 90% chance of recurrence within 18 months and in most of these cases, permanent remission is NOT possible.

As an @ocrf Ambassador, I am bringing awareness to this issue and sharing a bunch of ways you can help this month for Frocktober, and beyond. In addition to donating, you can purchase a @georgjensen Moebius Heart pendant like this one (also available in gold). For every pendant sold, Georg Jensen makes a donation to OCRF (having contributed $360,000 to date) to help close the substantial funding gap in ovarian cancer research.

We have to change this.



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