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As you can probably tell Sharon Johal is a passionate person who wears many hats at different times (and sometimes concurrently) all of which make her, well, her. She is a storyteller, as an Actor, Lawyer, Writer, Presenter and Podcaster. You may know her as Dipi Rebecchi from the iconic and globally watched Australian television show, Neighbours, of which she is currently acting in (4 years+). Neighbours is broadcast globally on a number of different networks in different countries, of which you can watch here You can check out her Acting profile here for more of her work.

She is also very keen and active in community work and during national quarantine, she created her Podcast "We Are The Real Ones" as a way to give back to the wider community. The premise behind the Podcast is to share the value she has personally gained from her deep network of experts, people of influence and celebrities across many fields by having honest, authentic and real (hence the title) conversations to uplift, motivate and inspire. Her energy, intellect, warmth and life experience as a advocacy lawyer and story-telling actor allows her to effectively communicate whilst connecting with her audience on a deeper, more analytical, and most importantly, valuable level - all whilst entertaining you at the same time. You can check out the Podcast here and subscribe, follow, review, and listen/download on Apple Podcasts or Spotify at your leisure.

Sharon has a natural affinity for fashion, and you can check out her Instagram at @sharonjohal here to see her explore and experiment with her style, attend high profile fashion events/weeks and discuss her take on it. She models for brands that align with her values and interests and is currently the face of the Mossimo 2020 campaign, you can read more about this and other work on her Media page here.

Sharon's law background has led her to a path of activism and a keen supporter and advocate of various charitable organisations. You can read more about that here. Her advocacy skills also allow her the skills to present and host, which she does for private and public events. She is also an avid writer, having started her Masters in Communications, majoring in Journalism and Scriptwriting. She also creates her own content on all of her channels, including this one as you can see here on her "Thoughts' Blog, where she documents her interests in professional endeavours, travel, fashion, music and culture.

Like many people, Sharon is an all-rounded human being and her overall goal is to give back where she can and spread positivity along the way. She has a unique story to tell, being a country kid raised by farmers in a small town by minority migrant, but proud Indian parents, who despite adversity and challenge, has had the courage to explore her dreams and possibilities from academic lawyer to artist actor and now, beyond. Join her on her journey...


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