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"Gunyah" - The Grand Dame

Sharon & Ankur came a sensational second renovating the biggest block (hectre) in the The Block’s 16 year history on the most recent season of the show, as the only couple with zero experience.


Armed with a “can do” attitude, a hard-working background from their time on the farm and a serious sense of style, the down-to-earth loved up couple created history and mega ratings for Channel 9 with their time on the show, who capitalized on Sharon’s emotional connection to self as an actor and the “drama” aspect of the softly scripted reality show and the lack of experience the newbies and non-experienced had taking on the biggest build.


Sharon & Ankur have now garnered a genuine and dedicated audience who connect with their authenticity and ability to be open, honest and raw with their experience. Coming from extremely diverse backgrounds themselves they are characters rarely seen in mainstream media in this country and stand out relating to people who see themselves in them - ethnic/immigrant community, the corporates who want to renovate, entertainment industry folk, those with no experience that have a “dream”, dogparents, millenials/Gen Y and Gen Z alike.


They were the only couple with their own unique sense of style, with others mimicking or engaging design work of existing interior designers, cookie-cutter or just described as plain “bland”. Working with a very restrictive “country” style by the judges and sponsored products not necessarily within their personal stylistic choices, Sharon still went out of her way to take risks and make bold stylistic choices that she felt evoked emotion to the caliber of the home and on occasion was applauded for it on the show but more importantly from the feedback received from seasoned experts and professionals and viewers in the community. Her personal style is unique and combines Parisian, bold colours and character filled warmth in space as a balance of modern and contemporary but can easily transition to country heritage or niche styles depending upon the build.


The couple went on the show to break barriers as the first of their diverse background to take on a mainstream show like this and boy was it an experience. This couple is standout and one to watch. They have their own renovation plans in the pipeline, are undertaking further education in the space and Sharon in continuing her work as an actor, presenter and host – making her the most experienced contestant on the show for hosting/presenting roles, as you can see below when you CLICK on the images.

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