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Jackalope Rain Room

The genius behind our magnificent Jackalope provided me with a special preview ahead of public opening of monumental art installation Rain Room by Random International. The Rain Room is a 100 square metre installation of pouring rain that ceases to fall wherever movement is detected, allowing you to be fully immersed in the rain whilst simultaneously being protected from it. Conceived by Random International, it made it’s Southern Hemisphere debut as part of the Jackalope Art Collection in association with ACMI.

I absolutely adored this experience. I am all about the art in everyday life and moments, it was a big part of why I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne years ago. The concept was a beautiful one, finding that perfect balance in life, in movement, in moments. The silence but heavy rain sound was deafening on many levels and as we were able to go in alone, it gave us the opportunity for introspection in the ultimate serene environment (whilst still being in central Melbourne). The rain got me though, probably as an analogy to my life, moving to fasting, never slowing down or resting as one. Lesson learnt. S x.


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