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My new Podcast: "We Are The Real Ones"

I did a thing! Not one to rest on my laurels, during my time off shooting Neighbours in quarantine I thought about ways I could give back to the community, what I could offer personally whilst not leaving the house. I thought about my skills as an actor and lawyer, my passions and where I have been made aware I make the most impact. It all came back to my relationships with people and my genuine ability to connect with people in an authentic, honest and warm way. I thought about what inspires and motivates me and the value I have personally received in the conversations I have had with the people I am privileged to come across and have access to in my line of work, in and outside of the entertainment industry - people of success and influence over various fields in acting, fashion, music, food, entrepreneurship, business and academics. So this is me sharing. I speak to these people at length in relation to not only their triumphs, but their perceived failures, challenges and the real talk, you know the one we all crave. There are so many incredible guests who have generously given their valuable time. You'll love this. Check it on my home page!


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