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“No Apologies” Fringe Festival 2019 – The Chat Show

This year I was invited by the wonderful journalist and comedian, Joanne Brookfield to form part of the panel involved in her Fringe Festival show this year. Joanne has written a book called “No Apologies” about women in comedy claiming their space, finding their voice and telling their stories. The format was that of a Q&A chat show where I was joined on a panel with the incredible likes of Jo Stanley and Geraldine Hickey around stand-up comedy acts by the fabulous Annie Louey and Anna Piper Scott.

I was firmly delighted by the honesty, kindness and authentic truth of the women who spoke on the night and I was equally as delighted in sharing my stories of adversity, stumbling blocks, trailblazing and unexpected humour throughout the process. The audience was magnificent in their support of us and our journeys and they demonstrated this through their keen questions and commentary throughout the collaborative effort. A great time had by all! S. x


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