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Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers in this country and beyond

World Refugee Day is internationally recognised as a day to call to mind and celebrate the resilience, determination and contribution of displaced people. At a time when the world is looking for stories of hope and opportunities to unite, supporting the ASRC Telethon on World Refugee Day is a chance to stand in solidarity with refugees and people seeking asylum and help raise vital funds for the ASRC. In the 5th year of the telethon, this is ASRC’s way to recognise the strength and resilience of refugees and celebrate the positive contribution they make to our communities. Whilst the ASRC is Australia’s leading human rights organisation supporting people seeking asylum it is an organisation that accepts no funding from the Federal Government. The Telethon is the ASRC’s largest fundraising event of the year and the funds raised are used to support the thousands of individuals and families who need assistance with food, housing, healthcare, legal advice, education, employment and other services through the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre each year.

I am committing my time and efforts to this. Whilst I am not and was not a refugee or asylum seeker and was born in this country (by sheer luck if you think about it), it doesn’t matter, I understand and support you. Please join me here, or call 1300692772 this Saturday, 20 June to raise much-needed funds and support and celebrate refugees and people seeking asylum. You can make an early donation at Much love, because I believe we need it now more than ever. Let’s celebrate humanity. S x.


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