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Vogue Fashion Festival 2019

This one was one of my favourite events of the year. I was honoured to be ask to be an Ambassador for the Vogue Fashion Festival held in my hometown, Adelaide. Everyone who knows me is aware of how obsessed I am with the state I grew up in, South Australia, and that I will take any opportunity to showcase the incredible people and places that have always supported me and shown me love. Given my love for fashion, this was a perfect fit for me and I adored wearing South Australian brands Acler and CMEO Collective, to name a few. Beautiful friends from Melbourne were also in attendance as above and we all agreed it was one of the most relaxed yet chic fashion events we had ever attended, with the nicest people in the world - Adelaideans! The GQ Supper was definitely a highlight as was Paolo Sebastian's High Tea and chats with Vogue Editor Edwina McCann and GQ Editor, Mike Christensen. Read this Vogue article here for more.


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