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A Personal Tribute to our dear Dad

We spent this weekend consciously remembering this great man, our Dad, on the anniversary of his passing. As many of you may know losing loved ones, grief is not simple, it’s complex and 11 years on it can still feel as raw as the day it happened. Even now, watching videos and talking about him is hard, particularly for my Husband. It’s heartbreaking as a Wife to hear him wish for his Dad in not only times of need, but just to have a chat and ask for advice in the day-to-day of life, as people do everyday with their parents readily. Dad’s journey was difficult and unfair and when that happens to the best of people, it can never truly be reconciled. We all think about him everyday in everything we do and it’s people like him, who stay with you forever.

I met him in the most serendipitous of circumstances. Dad was blind at the time and being new to our neighbourhood, was disorientated as to where he was. I was running late for uni and saw a man I didn’t know who needed help and took him home. A few years later, I married his son.

He was sadly taken from us before our wedding day. It was difficult not having him a part of the greatest celebration of our lives, the man who brought us together in the first place. So for our first dance as Husband and Wife, I played this video I made to remember him in his honour. There was no way he couldn’t be a part of that key moment being such a integral part in our lives and the man I married. This is us watching him that day, as he watches over us everyday. We will remember this moment forever.

I am grateful to my father-in-law for shaping my Husband to what he is today, his sensibilities, caring nature, empathy and so much of him is a part of you, Dad. To my husband in this song I say: “look at the stars and how they shine for you” because that’s your Dad, always loving you, guiding you, and proud of who you’ve become. So when you miss him, look to the sky, as he tells you here when you were a baby.

Always remembered. Never forgotten. ❤️

Sending love to anyone grieving a lost one or supporting others who have. You are loved.


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