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Caulfield Guineas

Sometimes it's the unplanned and unexpected days that are the most fun!

I am only interested in the fashion. However it is my view that fashion is personal, subjective and a form of art. So I don't subscribe to feeling stressed, overwhelmed or worried when I decide to attend an event last minute - I work with what I have and I truly believe that, that is a skill in itself. It's almost like cooking a meal from what you have left in the pantry, you make the most of what you do have, and then you rock it out. This is what happened this day. I had a particularly exhausting week at work and did not have the time to plan what to wear, and like most people, that does not come naturally. The things I think about are comfortability, dress code appropriateness and of course, what actually suits me. I can't just wear anything, I have curves, a biggest chest and backside to most (that I'm happy with) so I have to find things that flatter my shape. I wasn't feeling particularly confident this day so I chose a colour that always makes me feel good - pink is that colour for me! It was a brisk day so I found a long sleeve matching outfit by OnceWas. I wanted a rocky chic edge as this event is a little more casual than other Spring Racing events and I also knew that I would be standing all day so I chose white boots from Bared Footwear to wear. I always honour dress codes as best I can and it is customary to wear some form of headpiece to this event so I improvised, and wore a fan. Yes I literally wore a fan on my head. Whilst it caused a bit of a headache to place on my head given it was a flat piece (yes, thank you Husband), I made the best dressed and received coverage from Channel 7 and my family saw it in Adelaide - so it just goes to show, you don't have to spend a pretty penny or hours of preparation to look fabulous - you just, be, you. Rock it out, and no-one can tell you otherwise.

“ just, be, you. Rock it out, and no-one can tell you otherwise..”


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