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There is a larger blog post to come in relation to the once in a lifetime experience that was “Coachella” but here are a few pictures we took on our travels to Joshua Tree after the festival. At this point in time, after going to every pre, post and in between party imaginable AS WELL AS actually going to the festival every single day, we were shell of humans. We didn’t quite make it to Las Vegas but given our state, we thought we could save this experience for another time where we could fully enjoy it. This didn’t stop us from undertaking an impromptu photo shoot in the desert (I mean how could we not, look at these magnificent surrounds – pure beauty of nature at it’s finest!)

Here I am wearing one of my favourite Australian brands, Acler, (the white and black dress) which hails from my hometown Adelaide too, WHICH makes me super proud to wear. Look at the geometric design and the flowy skirt detail – the wind captured it perfectly. The lime green strapless dress is a second hand goodie and the Gucci bag is loaned from a seond-hand store also. The Billini boots are a fave, I have worn these to death since, they are such a statement piece. Finally, the white body suit and bike shorts are Bssa and were super comfy up until I needed to wee (body suit issues, you know how it is) and it got dirty quick because I am stain girl but there is something awesome about wearing shorts and the athletic confidence it gives you! S. x


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