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We are on holidays! Well, I am anyway.. 🙂 Given our rigorous schedule on Neighbours where we work full-time non-stop from hours sometimes beginning at 5:45am until 9:45pm sometimes for a full school term of 10-12 weeks, we CHERISH the holidays we get in between. This year, given our fabulous UK counterparts love us so much, they requested that we be on air over their Christmas/New Year break, which means we are scheduled for an extra 3 weeks shooting during the year. That meant we lost one of our week long holidays in July and instead of 2 weeks, we had one but that didn’t stop us from heading to the US for a surprise birthday trip to Disneyland!

Hubby has never been before, yet I had when my parents took us around the world when we were kids. It was the best trip of my life and to be honest, nothing much had changed! It was pure magic to see the hubby enjoy the wonderful world of Disneyland for the first time, it’s like being a child again and seeing pure joy everywhere made the long flights worth it. I am super grateful to be working full-time as an actor in Australia (which is very rare) but also grateful that we are afforded opportunities such as this to experience and enjoy life to our fullest. Disneyland is a MUST DO at least once in your life! Next stop – Disneyland in PARIS! S. x

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