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International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day.

Oh where to start! You all know I can write (and have) a thesis on this but today I focused on balance. Of course I am always so proud of the strides we have made, and grateful for the shoulders of women we stand upon who have forged our path to here but I am also hyper aware of the immense work that needs to be done to truly achieve equality and safety for women - at home, in our communities, in workplaces and in the world at large. I also think that whilst a day is great for recognition, I hope deeply that we are actively celebrating women all year round.

The burden should not solely lie upon women to do this work and whilst it is undoubtedly true that not all women suffer the same injustice and bias where intersectionality is at play - to me this work needs to be an active choice and effort, ALL year round and by ALL.

To the Men who are reading this - please consider our perspectives, continue to listen and lead more conversations about equality at all levels. Equality benefits all - including you and chances are if you’re a friend here reading this, you already know.

To the Women and those who don’t identify with gender reading this - I see you, I recognise you and applaud you. Especially to the women who are vulnerable, who don’t have the privilege of even considering celebrating a day like today, stripped of their human rights, and those who aren’t recognised as women, I will continue to fight for you - like I said, in every action, behaviour and choice, every day.


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