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International Women's Day

These were incredible moments sharing the unique and diverse stories of women (and man) in the space of equality and respect. I always feels honoured to be invited by @_mimco each year to share the room with all of the incredible women of differing background and experience whilst supporting @ourwatch - the national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia working to embed gender equality and prevent violence where Australians live, learn, work and socialise. It’s on all of us, in every space to accept nothing less than equal respect for women in every space they occupy - because that inequality and lack of respect is proven to be the main cause of violence against women and we need to all actively stop that.

Thank you @natashastottdespoja for fiercely dedicating your whole career advocating for this cause (as a South Aussie when you made member of parliament all those years ago we were ecstatic to see that change happening before our eyes), @shelley_ware for your stories of trauma, resilience and strength in racist and sexist workplaces, @bdbrown50 and @hestermary for being the ultimate power couple (man supporting woman) in speaking up in men’s sport forever challenging ingrained misogyny and educating through action, Nadia Mattiazo in educating us on how sexism exists in the able and non abode community, @rebeccamaddern for sharing your stories in a male dominated industry, and @sarahnayton for supporting and being a leader in the field.

Long way to go but feeling inspired. 💚💜(honouring the suffragettes in this fit)


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