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Leave your mark, with Dylan Alcott AO

Born and raised in rural South Australia to wine growing and wine maker parents who started from scratch and sacrifice, I was encouraged to leave my mark from an early age. With a rich heritage in the Barossa dating back to 1865, @grantburgewines also has a long history of leaving its mark – not only on the region’s winemaking community and grape growing families just like mine, but also on the many generations of wine-lovers around the world.


@grantburgewines new campaign, in partnership with Dylan Alcott (AO) encourages all Australians to celebrate their ambitions, achieve their goals and leave their own mark in society - just like I aspire to in all that I do.


Tonight, alongside my wonderful friend @dylanalcott (AO) who to me is the epitome of what this truly represents, we celebrate this great campaign, with a glass of Grant Burge wine in hand.


Grant Burge marks its annual vintage release on August 25th at @danmurphys and nationally of world-class Barossa wines including the Icons and Wines of Distinction Collections. Be your own icon and Leave Your Mark!


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