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Let's support the Paralympics!

We're wearing these @jockey_au Paralympic Uniform PJ’s in support of our INCREDIBLE ATHLETES because did you know that Australian Paralympians do not receive the 20k bonus able-bodied Olympians do when they win gold?! (Or 15k for silver, 10k for bronze) How is this okay? It costs a lot to train to an Olympic standard and these athletes predominantly rely on their families to support them (let’s not even mention medical costs and requirements associated with their specific ability needs) as well as working full-time jobs. Worse, a survey has shown these athletes earn less than 23k per year. It is a disgrace that Australia ranks lowest among OECD countries for the relative income of people with disabilities. For a country that literally (mostly) prides itself on sport, I was appalled and shocked beyond when I came to know this and I figured you might be too!

There’s lots of work to do to bring equality in this space for our fellow Australians but in the meantime easy things you, as an individual, can do are:

1. WATCH the Paralympics and talk about the Paralympics (in your circles, communities and online) - more demand the big wigs will invest in it;

2. Support personally or as a group etc. at;

3. Encourage your employers/workplaces to consider supporting these Australians as their choice of sponsorship and/or for donation;

4. If you have any rich mates (Gina Rinehart style) tell em to support these athletes (like she does for the able-bodied Approx 10M apparently!)



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