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Meeting with the Prime Minister: New Arts & Culture Policy for Australia

First and foremost I’m an Actor. I’ve been doing this for over 17 years now which is why I was so excited to hear the Government’s National Cultural Policy be unveiled this week.

As promised, I’m sharing this exciting new chapter in in depth here as we all play a part in directing our wonderful nations art culture and will be our legacy as a people.

Post Covid and for a decade (remember the abhorrent Brandis cuts?) the industry has been neglected as a sad space where artists have not felt supported as an important part of this country and Australian culture.

“Revive” has now been unveiled to set the course for Australia’s arts, entertainment and cultural sector for the next 5 years. I’m so proud of my friends who have played a part in this, by way of creation and submissions in consultation. It’s designed to empower talented artists and arts organisations to thrive and grow – unlocking new opportunities, reaching new audiences and telling stories in compelling new ways bringing drive, direction and vision back to this $17 billion industry by committing 286 million in dedicated funding over four years. A huge win for our industry - where we have advocated, and it seems they have listened.

Revive’s centrepiece is the establishment of Creative Australia - the Government’s new principal arts investment and advisory body. It will expand on and modernise the Australia Council’s work with additional funding of $200 million over four years – restoring the money cut by the former Government.

Within Creative Australia four new bodies will be established:

• A new First Nations-led body that will give First Nations people autonomy over decisions and investments;

• Music Australia, a dedicated new body to support and invest in the Australian contemporary music industry;

•Writers Australia, to support writers and illustrators to create new works;

•A new Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces to ensure creative workers are paid fairly and have safe workplaces free from harassment and discrimination.

Revive commits to regulating Australian content on streaming; improving lending/incomes for Australian writers; increased funding for regional art; & more.


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