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National Gallery of Victoria KAWS Exhibition

When art meets fashion. This is everything to me and the National Gallery of Victoria did not disappoint in bringing New York artist KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Lonliness. Kaws is a pop-culture phenomenon, he casts figurative characters and motifs all the way back from the 90s. The installation itself was incredible, with a giant figurine in the main hall and continuing on into the hallways, room full of black and white design followed by colour pops gave the audience an experience, never to be forgotten.  The concept is incredibly apt for humanity’s current state of existence – where we crave connection more than ever, but are moving further and further away from it by virtue of technology and different forms of socialisation or perceived socialisation (yes you, social media!) The NGV has also teamed up with Chadstone Fashion Capital to provide an interactive experience for not only adults, but kids too with multimedia to boot. Definitely worth a check, must see this Spring! S. x


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