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NGV X India Madhavi X Pierre Bonnard

I’m still finding it hard to express into words just how this made me feel. Like a sensory overload of beauty, colour, magic that made me feel the most synchronistically at home I’ve felt in so long. This is my jam, this is my vibe - ART, STYLE, BEAUTY where the extraordinary woman that is @indiamahdavi designed and curated spaces that inevitably evoke in what I like to call “dopamine design” - and interior architect royalty global icon @indiamahdavi found me and I was in awe of the magnificence. Thank you for your contributions and leadership in this space, thank you @pierre_bonnard for your craft and thank you @ngvmelbourne for being one of my favourite places ever in continually outdoing yourselves in presenting art to the world. I’m so lucky.

It’s opening weekend this long weekend and it’s for everyone! Check it out #NGV #NTVBonnard


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