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Nissan 50th Anniversary Drive

Nissan invited me (yes, me) to attend the GT-R/Z 50th Anniversary Event in Brisbane and what a ride that was (get the awful pun?). They kindly flew me up to Brisbane to not only enjoy the sunny weather but to drive vintage and exclusive cars around a professional race track! What a dream.

Some of you already know that I was born and bred in rural South Australia, in a tiny town, on a fruit farm. Whilst that was isolating at times, the benefits of such an upbringing have traveled with me my whole life. I learnt to drive on our private property when I was 7, I learnt to drive cars, trucks, tractors, ATV’s, two wheeler motorbikes and even the semi-trailer! So it was a no-brainer when they asked me if could not only attend, but drive a gear-shift manual. Not only did I do that in some amazing cars, I did it in heeled boots looking like a rock-star. Always here to break those stereotypes!

Whilst admittedly I have always driven Toyota’s, and have a sense of loyalty and love probably derived from my baby years fanging around in the Toyota Landcruiser, these cars are top notch and highly recommended. Although, it will be hard driving like a “normal” law abiding citizen after my epic drive on the track, not gonna lie. S. x


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