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R U OK is more than a yearly check in...

Let’s normalise this.

Yup it’s @ruokday. The question almost seems redundant because of course, for most of us, the truth is, we are not.

The point is to talk about it. To normalise talking about it. And to stop suffering in silence. So I encourage you to check in with your circles every day, not just today.

I was clearing out my computer yesterday and found this images of a recorded Zoom with a psychologist we engaged at a particularly distressing time. I share as much as I can with you guys with intentions to help and I’m sharing these ugly cry pics (a regular occurrence) too because I want to normalise this. Talking about it. Showing it. Going through the pain. Asking for help. Not being ashamed of being vulnerable.

We are all suffering. I personally do not know anyone who is unaffected by the happenings of the last few years and to be honest, the last few have been my worst. Add on regular crappy life stuff and it can feel unbearable in lockdown. So if you feel alone, isolated and not okay in any way, please reach out. Find some great resources here and save them to your phone. For those who may have difficulty in affording professional help, please know that you can also speak to your doctor who can put you onto a mental health care plan who can provide these services.

I grew up in a culture where mental health and talking about feelings was dismissed, and worse, not believed. So it’s more important than ever we talk, so we can educate, and bring comfort to those in need, within all communities.

Love x.


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