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Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community

You don’t have to be a/the minority to support a/the minority. Please read that again.

Whilst it’s not always our experience, I personally believe minorities should support other minorities if only (but hopefully not limited to) in solidarity understanding the collective struggle. Before the sh*tstorm hit the news this week about a certain Australian schools’ stance (and their consequent support) of homo/transphobia under the guise of religion resulting in hurtful/unsafe practice in educating/supporting its children, I had the pleasure of attending THIS wonderful exhibition RECONSTRUCT (the) Normative where I was able to explore, expand upon and gain a better understanding of gender identity and sexuality beyond the binary (in a snapshot of the journeys across the transmasculine spectrum) by @sorayatzaman and @batik_projects installed in the iconic atrium at @fed.square - once again providing thought provoking art to the public, free.

I didn’t mean to tie this all in together however it is difficult to separate and isolate issues of representation and discrimination because they are all intertwined and it all matters, hence why I have also shared Christian’s voice on this here, again (swipe left). Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community matters at school, at work, in your communities, in the wider community - in the arts and beyond - which is why I encourage you all to check out this installation exhibition and why I am also marching at the @midsummafestival Pride March again this year to celebrate LOVE not HATE.

In essence - “f*ck out of the way when you see me, I’m (we) rolling with the LGBT”(QIA+)

Ps I deliberately went for a masc look here, wearing two Adelaide brands, my fave @acler and @the.wolf.gang, a vegan leather skirt and @ninewestaus boots.

Pps This is obvs not spon, just good vibes, as usual x

📸 @deanuswiththebig


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