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Sutr Sutanti Exhibition INDIA to MELBOURNE museum

Sutr Santati means the ‘continuity of thread’ in Hindi - it is a metaphor for ongoing dialogues in Indian culture and society, bridging the past with the future through 75 textiles representing 75 years of India’s independence from prominent artisans, craftspeople and designers showcasing stories of India’s cultural heritage.

The exhibition is curated by @lavinabaldota - an internationally renowned curator, textiles revivalist, and conservationist and was originally presented at the National Museum of India, New Delhi @nmnewdelhi. It includes globally renowned artisans Kaimurai, @kaimuraiofficial, @purvi.doshi, @guarangofficial and @pareshpatelofficial among a few!

Let’s celebrate the connections between heritage, craft and incredible talent with thanks to @museumsvictoria. Open until 3 September 2023!

Ps this outfit I’m wearing is my take on “bridging the past with the future”, like the Exhibition.


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