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In line with my support for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation as an official Ambassador, I attended Smooth FM's Frocktober event as hosted by my SmoothFM at Como House in South Yarra.

Jen Hansen asked me to wear a dress that has significant meaning to showcase and model to the guests and donators. I picked an outfit that was precious to me, and full of love to share - I wore one of (yes, there were many) and despite it being significantly hot that day, and the outfit weighing a cheeky 12.5kg in embroidery, it was a highlight to many. All up, $494,566 was raised in total combining all initiatives for Frocktober 2019.

"During the month of October, something as simple as the clothes we put on our backs has the potential to start important conversations, raise awareness, and support ovarian cancer research"


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