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Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2020

This is an ode to all of the incredible designers and people involved in this fashion week festival. We made it through five out of the seven events but due to the unfortunate circumstances of Covid-19 and to preserve the safety of our community it was cut short by two days. Nevertheless I got to witness beautiful parades under the direction of amazing designers and the vibe was one of community, spirit and hope towards the path of ethical and sustainable fashion. I was also able to showcase some incredible local designers as you can see below - you can get all the details of each and ever look top to toe including look, hair and makeup inspiration on my Instagram, link on my Home page. My highlights includes the dramatically enthralling Toni Maticevski Hall of Fame storytelling parade and the Women's Lunch at Stonnington Town Hall. I adore connecting with my fellow industry folk during this time and personally experimenting with my style in new and exciting ways - I am forever grateful to be involved and will always continue to support this industry and the creatives in art.


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