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We have arrived at the 2019 TV WEEK Logies!

What an epic weekend!

A select few of us had the pleasure of attending this year’s awards and they did not disappoint. Whilst we didn’t end up with any awards, the celebration of our show, a show that has been running for 34 years straight as Australia’s longest running TV show), was IMMENSE. I personally came away feeling so proud to be a part of such a wonderful show that has broken barriers in my time there and produced such magnificent work. Don’t forget, we film 6 episodes a week and generally only get 2 takes per scene – I’d say we nail it!

Here is what I wore! I teamed up arguably Australia’s best stylist, Lana Wilkinson and her powerhouse of a team in Hayley, Indiana and make-up artist Jade K, hair stylist extraordinaire Marie Uva and here you have the result! It was important for me to celebrate my colour on forum and on this stage – and I think we did that by wearing Neon Orange! What do you think? S. x


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